10 Instagram accounts of 2015 that will inspire you

Instagram inspires you

Get some inspiration through Instagram

If you want to be popular and influential nowadays, there is no way you can avoid Instagram.

We can say so because our Social Media team notices a strong demand on consultation for Instagram in the last 6 months. And as an agency with international clients, Wildstyle Network gets meaningful Social Media insights. With our learnings over the last years, we can estimate which content will be engaging or create awareness.

But it isn´t that easy to become famous at Instagram in the twinkling of an eye. Besides a certain amount of followers and a creative theme, you will need one thing: good content!

So that is why the social photo app itself releases some good input on their own inside Blog. Instagram introduces useful stuff like the most popular hashtags and channels or a weekly report. We recently learned how to create 3D characters from paper and scalpel and how to use it on Instagram. So it´s good to follow them for the latest photo skills and ideas.

If you are looking for constantly creative input for your own channel, it is always helpful to see what other successful channels are doing and what users like. Exactly this is what makes Instagram so appealing – to discover incredible pictures from all over the world.

On our Social Media journey, we meet a lot of fans, followers and subscribers from several channels. Most of the platforms differentiate from each other at certain points and at some points they are quite similar. But we recognized Instagram as the most inventive platform for sure.

For this reason, we want to provide you the 10 most creative Instagram Accounts in 2015 so far:                                     

(All rights reserved to owner of the channels)

1. Justin Maller – An Australian futuristic designer

Justin Maller - An Australian futuristic designer

2. Rachel Ryle – Animation with a lot funny video ideas

Rachel Ryle - Animation with a lot funny video ideas

3. Eric Marinovich – Expert of typography

erik marinovich - Expert of typography

4. Red Hong Yi – Paint with no paintbrush

red hong yi - Paint with no paintbrush

5. Things Organized Neatly – Tidy up your things

things organized neatly -  Tidy up your things

6. Humza Deas – Great city shots and looots of height

humzadeas-great city shots and lots of height

7. KC Deane – Professional Ski, Bike and Surf athlete

kcdeane - professional ski, bike and surf athlete

8. Darryll Jones – Life of a Stormtrooper

darrylljones - life of a stormtrooper

9. Alex Strohl – Just awesome pictures and spots

alex strohl - awesome pictures and spots

10. Kyle Kuiper – Travel photographer, which make you wanna travel

kdkuiper - travel photograüher, which make you wanna travel

So learn from the best to get better at your own channels!

Are there any “mustfollow” channels we missed? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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