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First of all, we apologize that this site is only accessible to our clients. However, let’s talk about how we learn about each other and how you could benefit from 20 years of digital experience in transforming companies into digital champions.

Banking Industry Dossier: Challenges of the Challengers And The Banking Industry

Corona is posting a challenge to traditional banks but a huge opportunity to neobanks and banking challengers. We look into the data, their acceleration, and the role of the Banking-as-a-Service providers like Solarisbank.

Read the Dossier here (now public) >>>

Building A Digital Innovation Environment For Teams – See The Seven Must Haves

Teams need a supportive environment to explore new business ideas and model out their hypotheses. They cannot be held to a standard where failure is not an option. If the goal is to learn faster than the competition, then leaders need to intentionally design an environment where teams can thrive.

Read our case study from an automotive industry leader (clients only) >>>

Well Done Digital Design Critique In An Agency/Client Relationship Drives 2x Larger ROI

Receiving a critique is probably one of the hardest things we’ll do in our work. Giving one is equally as difficult. It’s hard to do well and easy to do poorly. As we’ve been working with design teams over the last 20 years, we’ve accumulated what a successful critique means.

Read the walkthrough (clients/agency only) >>>

Drinks Industry: Digital Strategy Case Of A Leading Beverage Brand

Wildstyle Network summarized the digital strategy of a leading drinks company in the western hemisphere. And what the actions and learnings were to achieve digital fitness among C-level and teams.

Read the case study >>>

UX Case Study Of Transforming The European Chemical Industry And Applying The “Right To Know” In 2020

The Right To Know is a fundamental principle in the European Union’s agenda. Applying this right can destroy a corporations P&L when done poorly. It can boost the brand and profit when done right. Here’s a complete extended walkthrough of Wildstyle Network’s UX and UI process.

Read the UX case study that transforms an industry (clients only) >>>

Digital Design Process Transformes A Bank Entirely – A Complete Walkthrough

A leading European bank understands that digital design has the power to change capital deployment to its customers by +40%. Our latest KPIs and the UX walkthrough of this project show how a strong user research and a modern design process pave the way to become a digital champion.

Read the design case study here (clients only) >>>

Digital Strategy Evaluation – How To Do It Correctly With The OKR Methodology

The Objectives & Key Results (OKR) process is one of the most popular goal-setting methodologies in the digital industry today. Their popularity has been boosted of late by adoption at tech giants such as Google, Spotify, and Intel. We dive into the benefits and our experience working with OKRs.

Case study is in development… (expect it in January 2020)

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