Our Team’s 20+ Apps For Android, iOS & Windows Phone To Make Your (Creative) Week Smarter


Everybody does a couple of projects and is creative all day long, here at Wildstyle Network. Of course we need apps to manage our creative week and some to inspire us or help to work in another way.
We sat down with every Wildstyler and asked them which apps they can’t live/work without. Next to the classics there are some helpful apps to make your creative week smarter.

Daily creativity, news and inspiration

Screen-shot-2011-07-20-at-11.48.47-AMZen Brush (iOS & Android)

This app is very useful to write your ideas down or to make some scribbles. To use ink and brush for writing and painting without any colour patches on your desk, is a very cool way to be creative. Our digital operation Team and the designers appreciate the simplicity of this app.

MashableMashable (iOS & Android)

Our motto is to be always up to date. The Mashable app helps us to get the latest tech stuff together.
You get a hint whenever a story is starting new. So we are first to talk about it and before everybody else does.
It’s a kind of a must have for all Wildstylers.

business-punk-das-business-lifestyle-magazin-Wq4M0B4Business Punk (iOS & Android)

This app is really “All in one”. We find information and news about every topic. For example: ideas, innovations, trends, start ups, manager, career and job, work and office, athletes and designers, nerds and geeks, style, parties and travelling.

All about to stop your daily information thirst. A must have app ;)

slideshare-logoSlideShare (Android)

SlideShare is every PM’s darling. The daily work includes many presentations and sometimes everyone need a new idea. This app gives an overview about presentations on topics like business, design and entertainment. The user can share own slide shows or to safe content.

unnamedTechCrunch (iOS, Android & Windows Phone)

This app is not only for gamers and technology freaks also for us Wildstylers.
You can find the latest technology-news and hottest headlines about smartphones, operating systems and game consoles on your smartphone or tablet.
Be up to date with one click.

Productivity – These speed you up:

Agency PitcherAgency Pitcher (Android, iOS)

Well, the disadvantage is: This app is only available in Amsterdam. But this is a great idea :)
To find a dozen great agencies directly, this app is really useful. No more expensive lunches and a million of handshakes to get in contact with other Partners. If you use this app you will be always up to date, you can contact agencies directly and you can create your own favorite agency list.

linkshoLink shortener & Statistician (Android)

Everybody knows the link shortener lately but there isn’t an app.
The app link shortener & Statistician is a helpful app to short a link on the way and share with friends on your social channels and messages.
Another highlight is the statistic overview.

 leoLeo Wörterbuch (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Not despair, ask Leo Wörterbuch. Yes, even Wildstylers don’t know every English word during prepare a presentation or something else.
The app is a really comprehensive dictionary with words and idioms for your daily work and your business English.

Trello   Trello (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Be the talent of organization.
The app “Trello – Organize Anything” will help you. Create your to-dos and your ideas and then share it with your friends and colleges. A nice app to work together, make comments and to share content like photos and texts. We say: A “must-have-teamwork-app” :)

WunderlistWunderlist (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

The app “Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks” remembers your tasks, ideas, to-dos and your dates.
Share it with your family, friends or colleges and organize your daily life in an easier way.
Tick off every point at your list, print your to-do list by a click or it will let you remember a date.
To share photos, videos and PDFs is also possible.
Now it is your decision which app is your favourite one. Please give a comment :)

1passwo1password ( iOS & Android)

A nice app to remember all your passwords. You only have to remember the “master password” and the app will fill in your login and password details. It is also possible to create a safe password and to safe it.
An easy way to keep all passwords safe and secure.

mzl.bfkfmlth.128x128-75 Timeful (iOS)

This app is a calendar mixed up with a to-do list. The app learns your work flow and will help you to get a better way. A nice, intelligent app.

To keep, share, discover and to travel:

Compass.to is an app created by Wildstylers in Dresden and Brooklyn.
This app will help you to collect some special moments and share and connect them with your friends.
Collect your personal information, interesting locations, secret shops or bars and restaurants or whatever you like around.
The app is currently in Beta and You can apply here: www.compass.to

KomootKomoot (Android)

You like to be outdoor? You like hiking? You like cycling? Then here is Komoot. This app is an insider tip from our IT director.
Komoot will help you to experience your personal outdoor adventure with cards, navigation, and many details around the area. Also you have the possibility to share maps, photos and tips with your friends.

googlemapsGoogle Maps (iOS, Android)

Classic but useful. A Google map helps us to find the right & best way by train, car, bike or afoot.
Another useful feature is the traffic jam alert on the personal map.
We like it!

For your personal social Networking

Instagram Instagram (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Catch your special moment and simple share it with Instagram.
Let inspire you by great artists, photographs, stars or the person next to you and get new ideas for your next creative work.
Be a follower or let other peoples follow you. Show them your life, your special moments and feelings.
For us Wildstylers not only an app for working life.

Pinterest Pinterest (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

You wanna see our Pinterest?
No problem, see here: http://www.pinterest.com/wildstylen/
Pinterest is a helpful app to collect our ideas, quotes, wisdoms, loved gadgets, references and pictures around our workflow.
And the best is that we can share it with you :)

 bloglovBloglovin (iOS, Android)

Another app which collects blogs and ideas for our daily inspiration.
The best app to discovery topics like fashion, beauty, food, design, DIY and other great ones.

tumblr Tumblr (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Tumblr is an app for posting everything.
You have the possibility to chat or to share videos, photos, quotes texts or links.
One more creative social app which connects creativity with communication.

Skype Skype (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

To mail with clients and customers is a usual job, but which app use the Wildstylers to communicate during their time at the agency?
The most of us use skype to write some short messages or to have a call with partners or clients. The face-to-face talk is sometimes a better way to communicate.

For digital shopping, fun

holyoHOLYO (Android, Windows Phone)

The app HOLYO is the second real Wildstyle app made by Wildstylers in cooperation with AdPortable GmbH.
HOLYO is a useful app for all gamers. This app will help you to buy some MS Points or a gold membership for Xbox by using your mobile phone.

It works really fast and simple without a credit card, bank account or registration.

youdareYouDare (iOS & Android)

You like challenges and adventures in your life? Then here is YouDare. This app is a really funny app tested by some Wildstylers.
You can share your story, discover new challenges and challenge with your friends.
A nice app for fun and adventure.

ShazamShazam (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

We claim that the life would be empty without music. The app Shazam will help you to recognize the name of a song or a TV spot.
Track a short part of the melody or the entire song and you will get the name of the song and the artist directly.
Very useful for everybody who likes music and entertainment with a bit more information.

But enough about us Wildstylers. What is your most favorite, helpful, creative or whatever app? Share in the comments and share with your friends!

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