We’re Beta Girls And Women In The Creative Business

We’re far away from being alpha women in business here at Wildstyle Network. It’s because there’s no alpha behavior nor a subordination in our entire international team. Although we all know it’s an alpha world in business. With men dominating and shaping the role of woman in classic advertising, transport, technology, politics and so many other branches.

The reason why we did a series called #WomanInCreativeBusiness is that we strongly believe that the creative industry can shape and change women’s image like no other industry. Our female members of the team also agree that we don’t simply do business but have fun in what we creating each day, what we’re achieving as a team every day.

So please find these real-agency-life images taken by Wildstyle Network’s designer Anne during idea-findings, in our Atelier and the general work at the desk. All done in a day, all natural.

Woman In Business Doesn’t Mean Bossy Or Title-Addicted

Every one of the female Wildstylers is likely never somebody you’d call ‘bossy’. This doesn’t make us any less of a creative head or part of the leadership team at the agency. We know very well how to negotiate and go toe-to-toe with our male counterparts – especially when it comes to the creative side in us. We’re not addicted to titles or status but we’re focused on creating meaningful things, every day!

Wildstylers in Creative Business, upstairs in the Glashouse meeting room

We tend to laugh a lot during our creative findings, the serious coding and lunch time. And we ain’t shy ’bout nothing. There’s never been a question of hierarchy when it comes to accepting our opinion, our ideas or our passion – thank God, it’s the creative business world we live in.

While solving the industries biggest riddle, whether it’s technology, management or design, woman at Wildstyle Network play an important role in the process. Wildstylers in general leave a footprint – filled with impact, ideas and personality. This is what we hear from our clients – whether they’re male or female.

Far Away From Cliche Of Being A Woman In Business

Roles are reversed in the home, we marry sooner or later, some opt to never have kids — what was once ‘traditional’ is no longer traditional: Women are men, men are women and, men date men, women date women. Being a traditional woman in the world is highly respected and an unusual thing at the same time for our creative business and the challenges we face. When it comes to relationships and love, there is no model anymore. And there’s no cliche anymore.

sure, we're female UI & UX designers

Just the same, we’ve learned that a woman can be a woman. And be a woman in our branch. You don’t have to be an domineering, bossy, masculine, A-type’ or whatever other terms are used to describe women in business today to be successful. Plenty of successful women are not. We’re not.


It’s also okay to not want the holy grail and win under every circumstance – our tactfulness and influence often helps to achieve goals long term and more sustainable.

Woman in Business
Ambition is just ambition, and it comes in a lot of forms – especially when you’re a woman in business. It shouldn’t be assumed that women being ambitious in the working world is the only good thing.

We’re the beta version of the professional male-female relationship at work and when it comes to defining the image of women in business.

Happy International Woman’s Day!

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