Stencils on Mac

2008 is becoming the year of Street Art, Street Design and Street Culture. The Mac design of 2006 is an early artwork that underlines how technology driven products can benefit from Street Culture and Street Art. See how Apple products are remixed with stencils. I’m 100% sure, we will see more lifestyle products marketing stuff using Street Art this summer :-)

See all the artworks on Sata Stenc-O-Rama

  1. “2008 is becoming the year of Street Art, Street Design and Street Culture…”

    I could not agree with you more… people realizing art and influence from the streets?! NO WAY! :-)


  2. thanks for the post … well, street art is being used heavily for advertising and marketing of youth/street products since at least 3 years — that is certainly nothing new or this year’s fashion. i’d actually say it is already fading again …. so look for the last 2 or 3 summers if you wanna see street art in life style marketing. seems like you missed that hype …
    this project has not much to do with marketing though … so far at this stage no corporate party is involved in it — just me.
    But I do hope that Aple will come on board eventualy and help me to get this project overseas …

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