Fake New York Times

A faked edition of the “New York Times” has hit New Yorks streets on Wednesday. Over a million samples were distrubuted around Time Square/New York. A group called “The Yes Men” – a union of pacifists and human rights activist accuse George W. Bush and his government because of supposed mass destruction wepons in Irak.This action is a very strong guerilla idea (of course only viable by NGO groups) making sure people will not forgot Bush as the executioneer of the Irak war!
I haven’t found out how New York Times has been reacting but I’ll keep investigating!

UPDATE: Alright, NYT newspaper just announced a short comment “This is clearly a fake New York Time” (of course it is) “at this time we try to find out about backgrounds…” – well,, if I would be New York Times, I just would stay quiet and let the Guerillas do the marketing for me! But that’s only my opinion.

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