Viral or not: Hamas using Energy Drinks

Viral marketing is a field which does not stop in front of politics. Viral marketing is seldom clean – most of the times it’s a bit dirty and following the rule “Target the taste of the fish and not of the fisherman!”. It’s up to everyone to reject those pictures using as virals. I’ve been to Gaza on my own already (in 2006) and I never ever saw any Hamas soldiers drinking Energy drinks. But to be honest: I’ve posted this one and you’ve seen it now. Rejecting – impossible! So, the idea of viral is already fulfilled! Can’t wait for your comments…

See the full picture by Kamil Hamra, Source: Asapblogs 

  1. It’s not energy drinks at all, It’s a Fruit juice that is widespread in the Middle East and Africa, called “Rani” and contains no alcohol, it is known that Hamas does not drink like a devout Muslim.

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